Wednesday 29 June 2011

Elzhi - Elmatic

Due to popular demand...classic shit


Action Bronson - Brunch


The Doppelgangaz – Lone Sharks (2011)

01. Happy Face
02. Nexium
03. Get Em
04. Doppel Gospel
05. Dumpster Diving
06. The Gods
07. Pack Kevorkian
08. Wench Rench
09. Rap $ Unemployment
10. Like What Like Me
11. Lush
12. NY Bushmen
13. At Night
14. Dead Already
15. Suppository


Tuesday 28 June 2011


Recieved the news yesterday, this shouldnt be happening, sound geezer, thoughts with his family and friends, big up DFN

Thursday 23 June 2011

Ronny Jordan meets DJ Krush - Bad Brothers 94


Madlib - Shades of blue 03


DJ Cam - Mad Blunted Jazz 96

Disc 01: Studio
01. Abstract Intro
02. Gangsta Shit
03. Mad Blunted Jazz
04. Suckers Never Play That
05. Sang-Lien
06. Underground Vibes
07. Romantic Love
08. The Return Of The Jedi
09. Other Aspects
10. Dieu Reconnaitra Les Siens
11. Free Your Turntable And Your Scratch Will Follow
12. Pure Pleasure

Disc 02: Recorded Live 11.30.95
01. Experience
02. Hip Hop Opera
03. Underground Vibes
04. Meera
05. Dieu Reconnaitra Les Siens
06. Mad Blunted Jazz
07. Lost Kingdom
08. Gangsta Shit
09. London 1995


vibin out on a solo mission n shit...

Brainsick Mob - Complete Works

01. Intro
02. On A Vibe
03. Time To Shine
04. Check It Out
05. Constantly At It
06. Rock A Show
07. I Thank God
08. Chill Out Zone
09. Playin For Keeps
10. Mixmaster USA
11. Stick To The Plan
12. Stargazing
13. Swirving To The Music
14. No Limit To Life
15. Its My Theme
16. East New York Theory

Tuesday 14 June 2011

East Flatbush Project - early 12

I think ppl mighta here we go...

                                                 A Madmans Dream/Cant Hold it Back 94

The Masters of Funk ft. Nine - Go Bang (Cant Stop/Wont Stop) 92

One of my favourite mcs...

01. go bang (can't/won't/don't stop)-flex mix
02. go bang (can't/won't/don't stop)-tee's nine mix
03. go bang (can't/won't/don't stop)-tee's loop mix
04. go bang (can't/won't/don't stop)-radio edit


Saturday 11 June 2011

Paul 'C' Mckasty

01. Intro
02. Atom- Main Source
03. Line for Line- Freak L
04. Sex, Sex, And More Sex- Spicey Ham
05. Girls I Got ‘em Locked- Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud
06. The Ghetto- Eric B. & Rakim
07. Listen To The Man- Kev-E-Kev & Ak-B
08. Its My Turn- Stezo
09. We’re Back Y’all- Freddy B and the Mighty Mic Masters
10. God Made Me Funky- Too Poetic
11. Time To Get Paid- Heartbeat Brothers
12. Go G. Whiz- Captain G. Whiz
13. A Thing Named Kim- Biz Markie
14. Comin’ in the House- Mikey D and the LA Posse
15. Interlude
16. Give The Drummer Some- Ultramagnetic MC’s
17. Ladies First- Queen Latifah Feat Monie Love
18. Got To Get Paid- Live ‘n’ Effect Posse
19. Cooling One Day- Simply II Positive (Organized Konfusion)
20. Stop The World- Black, Rock & Ron
21. Louder- Sport “G” & Mastermind
22. Pelon- 360 Degrees
23. Can’t Get Enough- Black By Demand
24. Outro

vol. 2:

01. Intro
02. M.C. Outloud- I’ll Put A Hurten’
03. Phase & Rhythm- Hyperactive
04. Eric B & Rakim – Let the Rhythm Hit ‘Em
05. Ultramagnetic MC’s- A Chorus Line f. Tim Dog
06. M.C. Tatiana- Mission To Rock
07. G. Dane – Coolest Of The Cool
08. Phase & Rhythm- Brainfood
09. Sport G & Mastermind- live
10. Marauder & The Fury- Get Loose Mother Goose
11. Two Shades Of Black- Surrender
12. Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud-Do The James
13. Main Source- Think
14. Queen Latifah & The 45 King- A King And Queen Creation
15. Stezo- Girl Trouble
16. Disco Twins & Star Child- There It Is
17. Grand Master Caz- Casanova’s Rap
18. The Rangers- Jacks On Crack
19. Double Dose- Envious
20. Interlude
21. The Heartbeat Brothers- Bring In The Bassline
22. Mic Profesah- Cry For Freedom
23. Double Delight & DJ Slice Nice- Party Jump
24. Rappers On A Mission- S.O.L.O.
25. Princess Ivori- CrackPipe (changed it all)
26. Ultimate Choice- You Can’t Front (We Will Rock you)
27. Live N Effect Posse- I’m Getting Physical
28. Outro




Despite his short career, Paul C left a lasting legacy on hip-hop music.[1]
His protégé Large Professor took over production duties on much of the music Paul was working on before his death. He went on to become a well-known producer and emcee. Large Pro's publishing company is named Paul Sea Productions in honor of his late mentor.[1][5] Other hip hop producers such as Domingo,[6] Pete Rock, and Cut Chemist cite Paul C as an influence. Kool Keith, Pharoahe Monch, and Rahzel credit Paul C with helping them to grow as artists.[1]
A picture of Paul in appears in the liner notes of Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em and the album is dedicated to his memory (though his name is not listed in the production credits). The liner notes of Main Source's debut album Breaking Atoms includes the inscription Paul C Lives. On Organized Konfusion's debut single "Fudge Pudge," the duo gives a shout-out that says, "Paul C to the organisms!"[1] Critical Beatdown was re-released in 2004 with the non-album singles that Paul produced as bonus tracks. In 2006, an unreleased album by Mikey D & the L.A. Posse was released under the title Better Late Than Never: In Memory Of Paul C  "


1 Outro
2 For The Rape
3 Seance (Featuring Lee Scott, Reain & Rhyme Asylum)
4 Dope Shit
5 Spoonful Of Brown
6 Six Six Six
7 Lord Measle
8 This Ain’t A Track
9 Weapon Of Choice
10 May Day (Featuring Bizarre)
11 One Night Only
12 Freddie Cruger
13 Fear Of The Unusual
14 A Brief Message From Our Sponsors
15 Cannibal Cookbook
16 Men Behind The Sun (Featuring Jak Progresso)
17 Intro